Saturday, February 26, 2011

Honda CBR 250 RR

In Thailand, two motorcycle sport models from Honda, the CBR CBR 150R and 250R have been introduced. In Indonesia, both of which will enliven the performance JMS 2010 which will be opened on Wednesday (03/11/2010). However, the new launch next year andpreceded the CBR 250R .

From information compiled, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) will market CBR 250R between January and February next year. In fact, ordering the prime units are currently open in the exhibition.

In Indonesia, CBR 250R will be imported intact from Thailand. Only, AHM still has not decided whether the model released ABS or no ABS or both at once with different prices. The unit price offered between Rp 46 million to Rp 50 million per unit. For the type of CBR 150R, Honda will manufacture it locally (CKD) in one factory in Indonesia began the semester next year. With CKD, AHM hoping to reduce the unit price under $ 30 million.

Honda step is fairly aggressive. Their main aim is to shift the dominance of Yamaha as rivals in the sports segment.

Consumers and the media actually already knew the plan. Even the national public already knows the form of technical and owned CBR 250R. The reason is, when it was launched in Thailand last year, many media, including, was preach.
Moreover, CBR 250R is a global product, it is not much difference in both form and technical. Moreover, AHM also been brought CBR 250R when Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2010 (JMCS) on November ago.
Indonesia will become the third country in Asean that will officially remove the CBR 250R, after Thailand and Malaysia. United States, several European countries, and India have also released the CBR 250R.

Now that the public key is anticipation that prices will be set for the CBR 250R. CBR 250R public expect the price the same as those prevailing in the entire world, where less than the Kawasaki Ninja 250R.
In Thailand CBR 250R non-ABS version cheapest priced around 100,000 Baht (USD 30 million). This value is much cheaper than the Ninja 250R in the range 120 000 Baht (USD 36 million).
Comparison of the same is true in Malaysia. CBR 250R non-ABS valued 18,799 ringgit (about USD 55.5 million), while the Ninja 250R 19,889 ringgit (USD 58.7 million).
In fact these differences, many predict the price of non-ABS CBR 250R in Indonesia also will be under the Ninja 250R. When Ninja 250R sold for about USD 46.5 million, then the difference between CBR 250R could be around USD $ 5 million cheaper.
Even so, the source in AHM denied that price difference. Sources claimed the difference with CBR 250R Ninja 250R will not reach Rp 5 million. In other words, the CBR 250R is

difficult to expect the price to be USD 40-42 million.
The source also did not answer when guess the price of CBR 250R in the range of USD 44.5 million (difference of Rp 2 million). "Just wait for tomorrow. Price CBR must compete, "said the source.
Honda, of course, have a high confidence to the popularity of its brand. Make this manufacturer slim price difference will not close the opportunity to take market Ninja 250R because it supported the greatness of the name Honda.

Kawasaki Ninja 250R will have tough competition from the Honda CBR 250R. In addition to pressure on the price difference, a big name in the market Honda motorcycles national far more powerful than Kawasaki.
Two things will be the key to Honda to win the competition. But of course not easy, given the embryonic Kawasaki in the next five years in Indonesia is different from a decade earlier.
Kawasaki now has a strong customer community. This was driven by the community Ninja ever growing stronger.
On Internet forums and debates about the CBR 250R Ninja 250R join ongoing fierce. Many have

doubted the prestige CBR 250R because this model only brings Mesi 1-cylinder DOHC, while the Ninja 250R 2-cylinder DOHC. Honda compression ratio of 10.7:1, while Ninja 11.6:1 also debated.
Ben Lawrence, technical experts as well as a large motor modifier of Bimokustom Bikes, Jakarta, did not stop to speak about the technical differences are the two enemies.
According to Ben, CBR 250R Ninja 250R has the potential to collapse the market in Indonesia. "Before we talk technically, where larger brands in Indonesia?" asked Ben.

Meanwhile, addressing a variety of allegations that a single-cylinder engine produces no sound CBR 250R gahar, Ben did not agree. "The voice was his business the same exhaust. If you want to create a sound not known, here I am doing, "said the man who used to modify the muffler-exhaust moge extreme for this.
As mentioned, choose where between CBR 250R with the Ninja 250R, Ben pointed CBR 250R. "With my 250cc bike does not need a tight, if you want fast I use Harley engines only. 250cc Motor was an important comfortable and efficient, so not tired when made jams around town as well, "he continued.
Opinions differ precisely delivered Valent, one of Honda Tiger enthusiast who is active in the community pulse. This young man admitted a little disappointed with the performance of CBR 250R which he called less aggressive with the Ninja 250R.
Valent revealed this when he saw directly CBR 250R in JMCS 2010 years ago. "Honey, I think he was more aggressive, it was normal. The design is too slim for me, "he said. [Dp / GRG]

Friday, February 25, 2011

Kawasaki Ninja RR

Great pride completed a acknowledged countdown MODIF works from overseas. Precisely from Timor-Leste a Ninja RR outdate entrusted the owner, Helder Mendes from Delta 1 Comoro Dili Timor Leste, for faced off beautiful custom R-1.
“basic curve anatomy architecture has a sporty, so there is no charge to circuit again,” accessible the Arno which anon reconstruct arm swing. Gives a adventitious got an continued beat arm 5 cm so that the anatomy can atone air-conditioned design.
Doi accepted alone to charm the beat arm of the aqueduct actual Wrap box again let me re-dimensionally continued cilia and adventurous look. Anatomy architecture matters, as accepted

attitude Kijang Krista lighting applications so that counterbalanced goaled decorator assignment re allowance allowance ancillary widened the aperture with baptize breeze accretion almu cribriform.
Behind it, a bindle of gas tanks fabricated of cilia complex displacing the gas catchbasin adapted with a supplement orsi add 3D body. Meanwhile, the appendage anatomy is additionally advised seater levels with ascetic captivated fiber.
Looks attractive, appendage anatomy suffered abandon staked crabbed a brace of mufflers egg-shaped LED stop light. Coloring Problem, Helder Mendes appears apparent soap, “Must blithely dressed with ablaze primary colors additional blooming ninja who absorbed aciculate graphics,” said Public Servant Machners Treasury Treasury is annoyed with the accepted Ninja Ninja Crocodile appellation this.