Thursday, February 24, 2011

Suzuki Satria R

Product that Suzuki was named by the Indonesian language. The rest, line up "one perguruannya" called by the names that smells of another culture, ranging from GS Tornado, Tornado GX, Shogun, Arashi, Skywave, Smash, Tunder and so forth. Even SATRIA even now the only one who still holds the Suzuki product indigenous culture of Indonesia.

My interest did not stop there, local wisdom Suzuki presented here was not just the title alone. Suzuki equips the Knights with ajian-ajian mandraguna which caused him to duck mandragate magic!
According to my subjective, Suzuki is a two-wheeler manufacturer in Indonesia who are able to spawn the ducks coolest Sejagad highway. Among the many ducks clan magic, SUZUKI SATRIA who most captivate me.

During high school, never came out my intention, submitted a proposal to "geeks" I (red: parents) to buy me a motor this high performance duck. But because of the reason gasoline is very wasteful of his intentions and even then eventually leveled my parents away from a dream and I'm chimera (dilontarin use until the moon rocket launcher). The fate .. the fate .. Hehe ..

Instead, I get a Yamaha Jupiter Z Bad Not really, but for speed, this motor-knee should bow under kedigjayaan Suzuki Satria (kata2 borrowed my friend: notabenenya 2 motors this can not be compared to the apple to apple)

Back to Knight ..
After the body had evolved from a rather mengkotak a curved fashion department at Knight L "Satria Aggressive", the Suzuki ended up doing a massive restoration of the empire Knight .. (more appropriately called a hermitage in Indonesia if the Knight)
Knight who had 2 stroke in the transform to be 4-stroke, Knight who was cursed so duck rooster. Although I can not say the new Satria is better at it than fathers, but the time demands that lead to culture care about the environment would not want to force Suzuki innovate endlessly to create the mighty duck motor but still environmentally friendly (FYI Suzuki slogan now: ride the Winds of change)

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